Signs of Redemption Amidst Arab Political Upheavals

Cipher Brief Expert View

Cipher Brief Expert and former member of the CIA’s Senior Intelligence Service, Emile Nakhleh, writes “The anti-regime convulsions currently underway in Algeria and Sudan are the latest version of an “Arab Spring” that erupted in 2011 and that Arab autocrats and their security regimes ultimately quashed. The massive street protests in Algeria and Sudan forced the presidents of both countries—Abdelaziz Bouteflika and Omar al-Bashir—to resign. Thousands of protesters have also filled the streets in Morocco demanding the release of political prisoners. If the protesters in Algeria and Sudan succeed in their demands to dismantle the security “deep state” in these countries, the result would be a delayed but fitting continuation of the 2011 upheavals.”

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Cipher Brief Expert View

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