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How Safe Would We Be Without Section 702?

SUBSCRIBER+EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW — A provision of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act that has generated controversy around fears of the potential for abuse has proven to be crucial […] More

Briefs & Analysis

Understanding the World Like a CIA Analyst

SUBSCRIBER+ EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW — Over the weekend, Ukraine said its forces were encircling Bakhmut. Russia, meanwhile, congratulated its troops for taking the embattled Ukrainian city. […] More

Book Reviews

Catching Spies is a Tricky Business

BOOK REVIEW: Spy Fail: Foreign Spies, Moles, Saboteurs, and the Collapse of America’s Counterintelligence by James Bamford / Twelve Reviewed by Cipher Brief Expert Mark Kelton […] More

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DIA’s Global Intelligence Picture

A Subscriber+Member Virtual Briefing Thursday, February 23, 1:30–2:30pm EST Dr. Trent Maul, Director for Analysis, Defense Intelligence Agency Subscriber+Members: Please check your email for your […] More


A Call for New Open Source Leadership

OPINION — Today’s Intelligence Community (IC) open source capability is neglected, structurally compromised, and wholly inadequate to protect the United States. The failure of open […] More