About Us

National security is everyone’s business.

The Cipher Brief is the only media outlet focused exclusively on bringing you a higher level of confidence around national security events via news, analysis, and interviews with government and private sector leaders. Where other news organizations tell you what happened, The Cipher Brief tells you what it means by working with a network of uniquely qualified experts who help provide context around events that impact global security.

Our Mission

National security is everyone’s business. The Cipher Brief is committed to publishing trusted, non-partisan information that brings together the expertise of the public and private sectors to provide stronger national security for all.

Our Vision

The Cipher Brief is dedicated to becoming the most trusted global source of information, focused on how today’s events and emerging technologies are impacting future global security. We are tireless in our efforts to help our audience gain confidence in understanding how shifting geopolitical events and rapidly evolving technologies are changing the threat landscape for individuals, governments, and businesses.

Brand Promise

We promise to stay true to our values in publishing trusted information in real time, delivering the confidence to better navigate a complicated world.

Our Team

Suzanne Kelly, CEO & Publisher
Brad Christian, COO
David Ariosto, Deputy Managing Editor & Senior National Security Correspondent
Walter Pincus
Walter Pincus, Senior National Security Columnist
Bill Harlow, Senior UnderCover Book Editor
Ethan Masucol, Newsletter Editor
Ken Hughes, National Security Analyst
Madison Lockett, Producer
Kira Simons, Video Producer
Ryan Simons, State Secrets Podcast Producer