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Israeli army raids West Bank's Jenin, Palestinians say seven killed

Zelensky urges West to pick up the pace on aid for Ukraine.

Top U.S. general in Afghanistan at Taliban takeover warned it would get ‘very bad, very fast.’

EPA warns of increasing cyberattacks against U.S. water utilities

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A Special Ukraine Briefing: Mobilization, Military Movements, and Morale

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CIA Director William Burns Accepts The Cipher Brief Intelligence & Diplomacy Award

The Cipher Brief honors CIA Director William Burns with the Intelligence & Diplomacy Award

The Cipher Brief honors Oksana Markarova with the Messenger for Freedom Award

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This Week’s Dead Drop: May 17

BLOODY RIGHT: U.S. National Cyber Security Director Harry Coker traveled to the United Kingdom to tell a conference that Chinese military hackers have been circumventing U.S. cybersecurity defenses and targeting American interests at an “unprecedented scale.” He probably didn’t have any trouble convincing his audience of the threat since the conference came on the heels of reports that the British military payment system had been hacked, likely by the Chinese government. The Times of London reported that more than a quarter of a million military personnel and veterans may have been impacted by the breach. A [...] More

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State Secrets

“Havana Syndrome” - reported by hundreds of U.S. officials, diplomats, CIA Officers, FBI Agents and White House staff - as well as some members of their families – is described as including severe headaches accompanied by loss of balance and often followed by cognitive issues. Some doctors have concluded that the likely source is a directed energy weapon that uses microwave or ultrasound waves to attack the brain and inner ear. In this episode, Cipher Brief Managing Editor Tom Nagorski talks with Christo Grozev, a journalist who served as a lead investigator on Havana Syndrome for a publication called The Insider and Insider Editor Michael Weiss as well as former senior CIA officer and Cipher Brief Expert Marc Polymeropoulos, who says that he himself was struck during a visit to Moscow. Grozev and Weiss also share the findings of their recent investigation conducted in cooperation with 60 Minutes and the German news magazine Der Spiegel that indicates who is behind Havana Syndrome, saying they have uncovered evidence that members of a special Russian military intelligence unit may be to blame. The revelations of their investigation have called into question findings by U.S. intelligence agencies that found – in their own investigations - that the “Anomalous Health Incidents” as they call them - are not the result of a coordinated effort by Russia or anyone else. Full reports of the government’s findings can be found online. This podcast focuses on another side of this continuing story.

Cover Stories: Spies, Books & Entertainment

ABC News journalist George Stephanopoulos joins us to discuss his new book “The Situation Room: The Inside Story of President in Crisis.” As someone who became intimately familiar with the SITROOM during the Clinton administration, Stephanopoulos is our guide with stories about the crisis management center came to be created under JFK and shares dramatic stories of hinge points in history that were seen within the walls of this small but pivotal part of the Executive Mansion.

The Fight

There are few who understand this war better than Nataliya Bugayova. She lived and worked in Ukraine for years. Her present focus – as a non-resident fellow and the former Russia team lead at The Institute for the Study of War, is on the analysis of the Kremlin’s operations and on what’s happening in Ukraine today. She also serves as Director of Strategic Intelligence at a company called Vertical Knowledge.

Bugayova was part of a visiting delegation with The Cipher Brief that was led by General David Petraeus last fall. We sat down shortly afterward, to get her perspective on how this war is ‘really’ going and how she sees it ending.

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