Avoiding War in the Fifth Domain

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Cyber Control Center

Few today would argue that the threat surface in cyberspace has expanded significantly in the past decade.  Just ask your fridge.  From the new risks we’ve brought into our own kitchens, to the increased capabilities of nation states to disrupt everything from electricity to elections, there is an even greater (panic) questioning of what to do about it.

In The Fifth Domain: Defending Our Country, Our Companies, and Ourselves in the Age of Cyber Threats, (released on Tuesday) authors Richard Clarke, who served as the first U.S. official in charge of U.S. cybersecurity policy and Rob Knake, who served from 2011-2015 in the White House as director for cybersecurity policy at the National Security Council, try to tackle some of those questions.

While the authors also chillingly predict that “America’s next major war is likely to be provoked by a cyber attack,” they argue that we also know much more than we did a decade ago about defending the nation, our businesses, and ourselves.

The Cipher Brief’s State Secrets podcast caught up with Clarke to talk about today’s cyberthreats posed by nation states, and what we need to be doing about them right now.

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