Is a US – China Face-off over Taiwan Looming?

China and taiwan tensions and war concept. Fighter aircraft silhouettes over a blurred map of taiwan with Chinese and USA flags on the background. Suitable for tensions between mainland China and Taiwan and Taiwan invasion

EXPERT PERSPECTIVEChinese President Xi Jinping opened the 20th Congress of the Chinese Communist Party on Sunday with a speech that makes clear where his party stands on its future ambitions, to include the reunification of the self-governing island of Taiwan. 

Xi, who is expected to seek an unprecedented third term as leader of the party, said “We will continue to strive for peaceful reunification with the greatest sincerity and the upmost effort, but we will never promise to renounce the use of force, and we reserve the option of taking all measures necessary.  The wheels of history are tolling on towards China’s reunification and the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.  The complete reunification of our country must be realized, and it can, without a doubt, de realized.”  

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