Exclusive Interview: Tracking the U.S. National Intelligence Strategy

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SUBSCRIBER+ EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW – The Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) is offering some rather overt clues about just how the country’s 18 Intelligence agencies (including itself) will be dedicating resources and talent over the next four years as the United States in the long-term, faces pacing threats from China and in the short-term, focuses on Russia’s war in Ukraine and how it is redefining global alliances based either on democratic values or something very different.

The ODNI’s 2023 National Intelligence Strategy, released earlier this month, describes an “increasingly complex and interconnected threat environment” with threats not only from the usual suspects that include China, Russia, Iran and North Korea, but also notes the increasing role of non-state actors and their ability to affect national security outcomes, interestingly noting the ability of multinational corporations and transnational social movements to “create influence, compete for information, and secure or deny political or security outcomes,” among other things.

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