Managing Iran’s Actions to Avoid Collapse of Global Economy

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Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman is warning that military conflict with Iran would collapse the global economy.  He made the statement during an interview with CBS’ 60 Minutes and said that he prefers a political solution over a military option.

“The region represents about 30 percent of the world’s energy supplies, about 20 percent of global trade passages, about four percent of the world GDP (gross domestic product),” said the crown prince. “Imagine all of these three things stop. This means a total collapse of the global economy, and not just Saudi Arabia or the Middle East countries.”

Tensions between the U.S. and Iran remain high.  The Trump Administration ordered additional sanctions against Tehran after the oil facility attack and pledged to commit U.S. troops to the region to help bolster Saudi Arabia’s defensive capabilities against future attacks.

We tapped Cipher Brief expert Norm Roule, who previously served as the National Intelligence Manager for Iran at ODNI to help us understand the broader context of what came out of last week’s United Nations General Assembly meeting and what it means in the months to come.

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