The U.S. Has Abandoned Leadership of the Internet

Cyber Initiator

A hundred years from now historians will write that one of America’s greatest contributions to the world was the Internet. Though other countries and foreign citizens contributed to the effort, U.S. government funding and American academics and technologists created the Internet. As U.S. dependence on the Internet for our economic prosperity, security, and public safety have increased, why have we abdicated our role as overseer and arbiter?

The sad reality is that the U.S. Government seems to have willfully surrendered our seat at the table and ceded leadership to private technology companies and others who desire a more prominent role in governing the Internet. Unfortunately, this includes nations that would use their leadership in ways that are inconsistent with Western democratic norms. This abdication is not a waning of influence as a result of newfound technological superiority by other countries, but rather a relinquishment of our earned influence through an astonishing lack of leadership and diplomacy.

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Cyber Initiator

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