A Green Beret Congressman’s Take on Terrorism

By Michael Waltz

Congressman Michael Waltz (R) represents Florida’s 6th congressional district, which includes Flagler and Volusia counties as well as portions of Lake and St. Johns counties. Michael is a proud Florida native, combat-decorated Green Beret, former White House and Pentagon policy advisor, small business owner, and a proud father. He previously served as Vice President Cheney's Special Advisor for South Asia and Counterterrorism. Prior to his time in the White House, Michael was the Director for Afghanistan policy responsible for providing policy recommendations to the Secretary of Defense.

As this month’s terror attacks in Syria and Nairobi make clear, organizations like ISIS and al-Shabab remain focused on launching attacks as a show of strength and resolve.  ISIS claimed responsibility for the Syria attack that killed four Americans and al-Shabab claimed responsibility for the Nairobi attack that killed at least 21 people including an American and a British citizen.  

The latest attacks come as a new crop of veterans take up seats in the 116th Congress, which includes freshman Congressman Michael Waltz, who is believed to be the first Green Beret ever elected to Congress.  

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