UK and Japan Ambassadors Affirm American Alliance

On the campaign trail, Donald Trump made several foreign policy statements which if, as President-elect, were to be put into practice, would undercut several traditional U.S. alliances. Britain and America have long enjoyed a “special relationship,” but dismay in the United Kingdom at how long it took British Prime Minister Theresa May to speak by phone to the new President-elect after he had called a number of other world leaders, not to mention Mr. Trump’s desire to have Brexiteer Nigel Farage made UK Ambassador to Washington, have caused unease in Downing Street. Japan is no less concerned following suggestions by Mr. Trump that Japan, as well as NATO countries, pay more for their own defenses. His rhetoric on appeasing Russia and abandoning multilateral trade agreements have also set off alarm bells.

In a show of solidarity, the UK’s ambassador to the U.S. and Japan’s top diplomat in the U.S. sat side-by-side on a stage at the Heritage Foundation in Washington on Thursday.

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