The Threat to Business

By Daniel Ford

Daniel Ford is a Forensic Analyst and Tactical Security Engineer at Rook Security. His job functions include conducting Incident Response & Forensic investigations, designing security tools and facilitating implementation of security tools into client environments. During his time with Rook, he has developed hacking devices that provide unique physical penetration testing experiences for clients. Daniel has worked on many high-profile Forensic and Incident Response cases. He obtained the GMOB certification, which gives him a breadth of knowledge on mobile devices and how to secure them in a business environment. 

Bring-your-own-device culture is very convenient, but with a growing amount of malware targeting mobile devices, it is also creating new vulnerabilities. The Cipher Brief spoke to Daniel Ford, a forensic analyst at Rook Security, about the growing threat of mobile phone malware as it relates to businesses. His recommendation: limit network access and utilize mobile devices management solutions to help keep your data secure. 

The Cipher Brief: How would you characterize the threat environment in regards to mobile phone malware?

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