The Cyber Arms Race

By Leo Taddeo

Leo Taddeo is the Chief Security Officer for Cryptzone, a provider of dynamic, context-aware network, application and content security solutions. Taddeo, former Special Agent in Charge of the Special Operations/Cyber Division of the FBI's New York Office, is responsible for analyzing the cybersecurity market to help shape Cryptzone's vision for security solutions.

Back in August, The Cipher Brief sat down with Leo Taddeo, Chief Security Officer for Cryptzone, to discuss the cyber threats posed by Russia and China. While China primarily uses its cyber collection capabilities “to compete on an economic level,” Russia places a greater “emphasis on collecting military and diplomatic information,” says Taddeo. As we move into 2017, Russia and China will continue to use their cyber capabilities to influence U.S. policy–both at home and abroad. ​

The Cipher Brief: How would you characterize Russian and Chinese cyber capabilities?

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