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China’s Paper Dragon

“This idea may be formulated as follows. The situation is better now than it was ten years ago; therefore ten years from now it will […] More

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Profile: Tackling the NSA’s Innovation Challenge

Innovation in Government isn’t generally a phrase that rolls off the tongue, but in a relatively unconstrained threat environment, innovation has become synonymous with survival. […] More


Innovation Beyond Silicon Valley

Whenever people think about cybersecurity, technology, and innovation, they tend to think about Silicon Valley, but The Cipher Brief asked Bob Stratton, a General Partner […] More

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The Tech Must Flow

Although often hamstrung by bureaucratic inefficiency, the U.S. government has achieved considerable success in the field of scientific research. In fact, many indispensible products have […] More

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The Government's Role

The tech sector is known for its rapid innovation, but that quality is often believed to be absent from the federal government. However, that may […] More

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The Promise of the Blockchain

After years of public attention around Bitcoin, its underlying technology—the blockchain—is taking over the discussion with its potential to address fundamental challenges across a number […] More

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Quantum Enhanced Cybersecurity

Quantum cybersecurity covers the application of quantum technology to enhance cybersecurity. It includes quantum random number generation, which strengthens security through the delivery of stronger […] More

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Eye in the Sky

It seems like drones are everywhere now. They started decades ago as a military tool, but today drones are very much a part of the […] More