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Xi’s Awful Arithmetic

CIPHER BRIEF EXPERT VIEW — Mark Kelton is a retired senior Central Intelligence Agency executive who retired in 2015 with 34 years of experience in intelligence […] More

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The Future of Hong Kong

A whirlwind of actions and statements regarding Hong Kong over the past week has increased tensions between the US and China.  Even before Beijing passed […] More


When Will China Move on Hong Kong?

China’s communist leadership is struggling over how to respond to Hong Kong’s swelling protests. Giving in to protesters’ demands for democracy or allowing unrest to […] More

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Is Hong Kong Losing its Identity?

Hong Kong’s society and economy have changed under 20 years of Beijing’s influence. Chinese capital has bought out companies and real estate and job seekers […] More

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From Bad to Worse

Professor Ming Sing of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology discussed with The Cipher Brief Hong Kong’s Umbrella Movement and its impact on the […] More

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The Umbrella Movement: One Year Later

The democracy movement in Hong Kong is still alive, but the energy that brought almost one hundred thousand people to the streets last year has […] More

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Bumpy Road Ahead

On September 28, protesters marked the anniversary of the start of last year’s Umbrella Revolution, in which 200,000 Hong Kongers took to the streets to […] More

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Resiliency and Risk

Just one year ago, in the midst of the “Umbrella Protest Movement,” it seemed that Hong Kong’s position as the most business-friendly place in Asia […] More