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The Grand TPP Illusion

For America’s foreign policy establishment, the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a grand “twofer.” It will improve U.S. national security by countering China’s growing economic, […] More

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China in 2016

China enters 2016 facing an increasingly complicated domestic political and economic environment and growing challenges to its assertive foreign policy. Since becoming General Secretary of […] More

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Beijing and the South China Sea

As President Xi Jinping tours the western world advocating Chinese businesses, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) continues incrementally asserting dominance over territory in the South […] More

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A Destabilizing Force

Republican Congressman Randy Forbes believes China’s assertive behavior in Asia is destabilizing the region. Forbes explained why he takes this position in an interview with […] More

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Energy Insecurity

As some Asia energy experts have noted, the South China Sea (SCS) is like a thin donut with a very large hole: all of the […] More