Russia’s Global Ambitions: A Member Briefing with Steven Hall

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The Cipher Brief regularly provides opportunities for members to engage with experts via exclusive member-only briefings and webcasts. 

Our latest briefing was presented by Steve Hall, who retired from the Central Intelligence Agency in 2015 after 30 years of running and managing intelligence operations in Eurasia and Latin America. He finished his career as a member of the Senior Intelligence Service, a very small cadre of officers who serve as the senior most leaders of the CIA’s clandestine service.

Most of Steve’s career was spent abroad overseeing intelligence operations in the former Soviet Union. As an executive at CIA Headquarters, he also focused on cyber threats, security, counterintelligence and counter terrorism. He has served as a chief of station overseas multiple times and has worked closely with the FBI, the U.S. military, the State Department, and a number of other government agencies, including working as the clandestine service’s senior liaison officer to the Congressional Intelligence Oversight Committee.

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