India’s Defense Industry: Reach Still Outpaces Grasp

By Vinay Kaushal

Retired Group Captain Vinay Kaushal is a Distinguished Fellow in the Defence Economics and Industry Centre at the Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses in New Delhi. He served in the Indian Air Force for 34 years.

India’s growing wealth and regional influence has afforded it the ability and cause to develop a more technologically advanced defense industry. However, since India opened its defense industry to private companies in 2001, progress has been slow in diminishing bureaucratic barriers that hinder innovation. The Cipher Brief spoke with retired Group Captain Vinay Kaushal, a distinguished fellow at India’s Institute for Defense Studies and Analyses to learn more about India’s progress and domestic defense industry goals.

The Cipher Brief: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has pushed for a stronger and larger Indian defense industry. What are the government’s policy goals for this initiative? Beyond national security and defense, are there other benefits?

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