Homeland Season 6: "The Man in the Basement"

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In this second episode, “Homeland” heroine Carrie Mathison is revealed, not surprisingly, to be a central figure in the two parallel plots launched in the season’s premiere: the case against arrested jihadist Seiku Bah and the conspiracy of CIA operative Dar Adal to manipulate the incoming President.

The one major character still uninvolved in either plot line is Quinn, whose condition deteriorates rapidly in this episode. After Quinn refuses to stay at the VA facility, Carrie takes him to live in the basement of her brownstone. Despite her kindness, Quinn refuses to take his meds and locks himself in his room. Carrie enlists a former colleague, CIA tech Max, to babysit Quinn when she has to go out. Quinn ducks out of the house and goes to a local convenience store where he promptly has a grand mal seizure. By the end of the episode, Quinn has calmed down and plaintively asks what happened to him. Carrie shows him the gruesome YouTube film of his near-death experience from the poisoning by terrorists the previous season. Quinn is too popular and too action-oriented a character to remain a basket case for long — the stage is clearly set for him to recover and get embroiled in this season’s parallel plots.

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