From Bad to Worse

By Dixon Ming Sing

Ming Sing obtained his D.Phil from Oxford University in Sociology and has been the author or editor of four books and over thirty articles. He has also been an active commentator on Hong Kong politics, whose comments have been solicited by local and international media. He was awarded the Fulbright scholarship for visiting the University of California, San Diego in 2007, and the POSCO Visiting Fellowship by the East-West Center, University of Hawaii in 2010.

Professor Ming Sing of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology discussed with The Cipher Brief Hong Kong’s Umbrella Movement and its impact on the former British colony’s relationship with Mainland China. Sing determines the success of Beijing’s economic reforms will play a crucial role in its relationship with Hong Kong.

The Cipher Brief: Could you give our readers a brief background on the Hong Kong protests and the Umbrella Movement? What makes this movement different than other protests in Hong Kong?

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