Exponential Growth

By Lance James

Lance James is currently chief scientist at Flashpoint. James has more than fifteen years of experience in programming, network security, digital forensics, malware research, cryptography design, cryptanalysis, counterintelligence, and protocol exploitation. He provides advisory services to a wide range of government agencies and Fortune 500 organizations including America's top financial services institutions. Credited with the identification of Zeus and other malware, James is an active contributor to the evolution of security practices and counterintelligence tactics and strategies. He has contributed to a number of industry books and publications including "Phishing Exposed" (Syngress, 2005), "Emerging Threat Analysis" (Syngress, 2006), and "Reverse Deception" (McGraw Hill Professional, 2012). James is regularly sought out as a keynote speaker world-wide and was recently featured on an episode of USANetwork's hit TV series Mr. Robot.

By Vitali Kremez

Vitali Kremez is a senior cyber intelligence analyst at Flashpoint.  He has enjoyed a successful career as Cybercrime Investigative Analyst for the New York County District Attorney's Office partnering with the United States Secret Service, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Department of Homeland Security, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, City of London (UK) Police, New York Police Department, and Spanish Civil Guardia.

Whether it’s your phone, your computer, TV, or even a refrigerator, all those connected devices that we depend on in our daily lives have become targets for an ever-growing cadre of cyber criminals.  The Cipher Brief spoke with two Flashpoint officials, Chief Scientist Lance James and Subject Matter Expert Vitali Kremez, to discuss the trends in the cyber threat environment and strategies for stopping cyber attackers.

The Cipher Brief: In market place areas where hackers trade information and buy tools, are there any trends or behavior patterns that can categorize how these market places work and how they are changing in any substantial way?

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