Developing Enhanced Cybersecurity Systems

When you think of cybersecurity, you probably think about firewalls and passwords – but the ever-changing cyber threat has forced the technology to move far beyond that. The expanding frontiers of cybersecurity are being driven by a need for new, scalable solutions to security problems. Unfortunately, the rate of cyber-attacks seems unlikely to decrease, and there are not enough qualified cybersecurity professionals to handle the need from private industry. The combination of these two factors has caused a significant degree of innovation in the cybersecurity sector, and this has resulted in the emergence of new approaches to keeping computer systems secure.

For example, one of the more novel areas of innovation is the development of quantum enhanced cybersecurity systems. While quantum computing may pose a threat to existing cybersecurity protocols, there is also the potential for quantum processes to augment the programs that keep systems safe. Jane Melia from the cybersecurity firm, QuitessenceLabs, told The Cipher Brief that “there seems to be less familiarity with the ways in which quantum technology, combined with state of the art classic approaches, can actually strengthen security, and address some of the major challenges that the security community has been grappling with.”

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