The Case for Giving a U.S. Space Force Some Lift

The National Space Council voted this week to move forward with six recommendations intended to provide some lift for the creation of a U.S. Space Force. 

The recommendations include:

  • Creating of a new, unified command, U.S. Space Command
  • The Pentagon submitting a legislative proposal to the White House
  • Creating a budget request to fund the Command in 2020
  • Ordering a review of the new Agency’s authorities
  • Establishing a Space Development Agency with the responsibility of overseeing technology investments
  • Strengthening the relationship between the intelligence community and the new command

Cipher Brief Expert, Lt. Gen Kevin McLaughlin (Ret.), spent the majority of his 34-year Air Force career in a variety of space assignments.   During his testimony before the Council this week, he laid out what he sees as the opportunities and risks of implementing a new command. What follows, is an adaptation of his testimony to the National Space Council. 

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