What the Experts Say About the National Cyber Strategy


The U.S. Administration released its new National Cyber Strategy on Thursday, covering a broad number of security-related issues that fall into four main categories, it refers to as ‘pillars’.

The first pillar includes securing federal networks and information, securing critical infrastructure, fighting cybercrime and seeking improved incident reporting.  The second pillar outlines efforts to promote a digital economy, bolstering the protection of U.S. ingenuity, and focusing on building a more robust cybersecurity workforce.  Pillar three focuses on efforts to encourage cyber norms and to both attribute and deter bad behavior.  And the final pillar promises to work with ‘like-minded’ countries and to build international cyber capacity.

The plan follows the Pentagon’s new cyber strategy also released last week.

The Cipher Brief tapped a number of our experts, including former senior leaders from DHS, NSA, DoD, and the NSA’s UK counterpart, GCHQ as well as private sector partners, to get their take on the 26-page document and the Administration’s plan forward.

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