The Public-Private Partnership: A Two-Way Street

By Elaine Lammert

Elaine Lammert is a former Deputy General Counsel with the FBI, with over 28 years of government experience.  She currently is an Adjunct Professor at George Washington University's College of Professional Studies, Public Safety and Security Leadership.

Countering cyber-threats can be difficult, and information sharing has come to be seen as a constructive way to attack the problem. Elaine Lammert, a former Deputy General Counsel with the FBI, spoke with the Cipher Brief about the need for a holistic approach to cybersecurity and the importance of trust for information sharing efforts to be effective.

The Cipher Brief: Some critics have argued that information sharing does not affect the key behaviors that cause cybersecurity problems, such as not updating computers or clicking on suspicious attachments. Are these criticisms valid? How effective is information sharing at promoting strong cyber-security?

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