The Future of the Middle East

The chaos we’re seeing today throughout the Mideast continues to escalate and shows no signs of subsiding. The United States and the West seem unwilling or unable to take the necessary steps to help bring some semblance of order to the region.    The Russians have entered the fray further complicating the messy situation.

Syria, Yemen and Iraq are in tatters.  Sunnis are fighting Shia. The Kurds are playing an influential role in the battle against ISIS and other extremist groups while solidifying their own territories in Iraq and Syria.  Concern about yet another Palestinian Intifada grows as the bloodshed between the Israelis and Palestinians escalates.   The dreams for a Palestinian state are at best on hold and at worse, non-existent.  ISIS, al-Qaeda and other extremist groups are disrupting the entire region.  Saudi Arabia and the other gulf states are pitted against Iran, vying for influence in the region.  

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