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Disinformation: How Spies Can Help Find Truth

Wednesday, April 13, 2:00–3:00pm With the evolution of technology, a breakdown of trust in once-trusted institutions and U.S. adversaries creating their own facts and pushing […] More

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Security Lessons Learned from Kardashian Theft

The robbery of high profile personality Kim Kardashian in Paris shocked the celebrity stratosphere, but it also raised concrete questions about protocols, procedures and personal […] More

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The FBI-Apple Battle Is Far from Over

The Justice Department has dropped its legal effort to force Apple to unlock the iPhone used by one of the shooters in the San Bernardino […] More

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The Privacy Argument

Apple should not be coerced into hacking into the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone, and we must get to a point as a society where law […] More

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Ottawa’s Security Commitments

After Canadians voted to replace the ruling Conservative party, electing Justin Trudeau’s Liberal party to a majority government, questions immediately surfaced asking how it would […] More

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Will Canada Pull Back?

When it comes to security, Canada is rarely recognized as one of the top players.  The Canadian elections last month, however, brought Canada’s security policies […] More

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A Critical Ally

When you ask average Americans about their perceptions of the relationship between the United States and Canada, they will undoubtedly talk about the NHL or […] More

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Like Father, Like Son

Following his election on October 19, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has rekindled the spirit—in Canada and abroad—of Canadian optimism and goodwill in global affairs that […] More

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The Future of Mexican Oil

Having begun transforming its energy sector, the Mexican government is learning the ups and downs of opening its oil resources to foreign companies.  In July, […] More

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Protecting Your Business

The Cipher Brief spoke with Francisco Quiñones, the founder of Arcis International, a security, risk management, and crisis response consultancy based in Washington, DC.  Quinones, […] More

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The Changing Threat in Mexico

The Cipher Brief spoke with retired DEA agent Michael Vigil to discuss the security situation in Mexico. Vigil, who served as DEA’s Chief of International […] More

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Improving Mexican Policing

Being abducted by gunmen, held for weeks or months in horrific conditions and then forced to pay colossal sums to be freed has been the […] More