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The Growing Threat of Iranian Missiles

  Bottom Line Up Front Iran’s ballistic missile capabilities enable it to project power while compensating for an otherwise modest conventional military capacity. Iran’s supply […] More

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Trump So Far: The Middle East View

When Donald Trump was elected as the 45th U.S. President, there was reason for some comfort amongst the United States’ traditional Arab allies in the […] More

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Jordan: Stability Amidst Chaos

Often hailed as an island of stability amidst a region of chaos, Jordan’s security remains an issue of paramount importance for the United States. Jordan’s […] More

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Terrorist Spillover

On June 6, five Jordanians were killed during an assault on a General Intelligence complex twelve miles north of Amman. The incident was Jordan’s largest […] More

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Jordan: The Indispensable Ally

As threats in the Middle East continue to loom large, Jordan’s successes in battling ISIS on the frontlines and promoting cooperation in the Middle East […] More

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Leading the Fight against ISIS

Jordan’s past experience battling al-Qaeda in Iraq has prepared it for its ongoing offensive against ISIS, explained Dr. Musa Keilani to The Cipher Brief. A […] More

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Promoting Regional Stability

According to Dr. Jamal Al Shalabi, Professor of Political Science at the Hashemite University, turmoil in the Middle East has prompted Jordan to strengthen cooperation […] More

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The Coalition of the Willing

The collapse or weakening of state authority in different parts of the Middle East and Africa, together with growing inner challenges and chronic instability in […] More