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Arms Control for Cyber

Cipher Brief Expert Ambassador Joseph R. DeTrani was the former special envoy for negotiations with North Korea from 2003-2006 and was the former director of […] More

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Nuclear No First Use: Ambiguity vs. Clarity

In a Presidential race dominated by immigration, trade, and an almost unprecedented level of political mudslinging, one could be forgiven for missing moderator Lester Holt’s […] More

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No Alternative in Sight

Since June 2016, there has been a spirited debate in Washington regarding the U.S. adoption of a No-First-Use (NFU) policy. A NFU policy would be […] More

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NFU is Good Nuclear Policy

Geopolitical tensions have risen in Europe since the Russia-Ukraine crisis in 2014; in South Asia with the flare-up in Kashmir; and in East Asia with […] More

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The Role of Arms Control

Hypersonic weapons will be capable of carrying nuclear warheads, yet so far there is little discussion on the role of arms control. The Cipher Brief […] More


The Case for No-First-Use

The conditions under which a U.S. president might use nuclear weapons has in recent weeks become a topic of national conversation. Toward the end of […] More