Quantum Enhanced Cybersecurity

By Jane Melia

Jane Melia is Director of Strategic Market Development at QuintessenceLabs. She leads market and product strategy, and marketing communication. Prior to joining QuintessenceLabs, Melia has held leadership roles in several Silicon Valley Start-ups, including SolFocus. Her 20 years' experience in technology industries includes a number of roles at HP, most recently as Senior Business Consultant in the Strategic Planning and Modelling group, enabling corporate strategic decision-making regarding products, customer segmentation, and supply chain. 

Quantum cybersecurity covers the application of quantum technology to enhance cybersecurity. It includes quantum random number generation, which strengthens security through the delivery of stronger keys and other cryptographic objects, and quantum key distribution, which allows for the secure sharing of keys safe from the most sophisticated attacks, including from quantum computers. Increasingly, quantum cyber-security providers are combining these cutting edge quantum technologies with advanced classical security approaches, such as key and policy management, to deliver complete security solutions.

There is an increasing awareness of the threat that quantum computers pose to conventional cyber-security. Simply put, cyber security currently relies on the difficulty in factoring a large multiplication into its prime constituents, a problem that is beyond the reach of classic computers in a reasonable time frame. This approach will no longer work once quantum computers mature, since they will be able to crack this mathematical challenge very quickly, making one of the main foundations of our security vulnerable.

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