The Next ‘Field of Jihad’

| Mitch Silber
Mitch Silber
Former Director of Analysis, NYPD

As the anniversary of 9/11approaches, it brings a time of deep reflection, not only on what was lost on that day in 2001, but also on what has been lost by the U.S. since (Benghazi, 2012) and how to assess, and stop the global threat of terrorism.

Cipher Brief Expert and Former NYPD Intel Chief Mitch Silber weighs in for this Cipher Brief ‘Quick Take’ on the new challenges ahead, with the spread of global terrorism, and the active cultivation of the next ‘field of jihad’.

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The Author is Mitch Silber

Mitch Silber is the Senior Managing Director at FTI Consulting. He served as the Director of Intelligence Analysis for the New York Police Department.  In that capacity, he created a deep web, dark net cyber intelligence unit that focused on terrorism threats to New York City. He has presented on behalf of the NYPD at the White House, National Security Council, CIA, FBI, and National Counter Terrorism Center and testified before the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives.

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