Four Big Takeaways from the Munich Security Conference

Cipher Brief Expert View

The Cipher Brief asked expert and retired four-star General David Petraeus for his big takeaways after attending last weekend’s Munich Security Conference.

First, the wedge between the U.S. Administration and Europe is a good bit bigger than last year, and Russia, Iran, and China are working to highlight and exploit the differences.  (Offsetting that somewhat was the largest U.S. congressional delegation ever to attend a MSC.)  The speech by Chancellor Angela Merkel was a point-by-point, direct rebuttal of President Trump’s rhetoric and policies.  Other European leaders echoed many of her sentiments; however, European countries’ actions to develop their own capabilities have not been particularly notable to date, and the reliance on, and centrality of the U.S. are still very evident in NATO and in many other spheres, as well.

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Cipher Brief Expert View

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