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What Scares Vladimir Putin?

The U.S. is calling for more rigorous enforcement of sanctions against Russia after Russian ships fired on and seized three Ukrainian boats on Sunday, claiming […] More

No End in Sight

Closely supported by Russian air power and artillery, Syrian army attacks against rebel forces near Aleppo, Syria coincide with a significant intensification of fighting in […] More

Time to Take Out ISIS

As the world reacts with horror to Friday’s terror attack in Paris coming so shortly after the downing of the Russian-operated A321M over the Sinai, […] More

Putin’s Syria Gambit

There has been no shortage of speculation about the motives behind Russia’s recent military deployment to Syria following the September 28 meeting between Russian President […] More

Doing Business in Russia

The Cipher Brief spoke with Robert Dannenberg, former Managing Director and Head of the Office of Global Security for Goldman Sachs, about the business climate […] More