Exclusive: 72 Former CIA Officers Endorse Haspel for CIA Director

Photo: Mark Wilson/Getty Images

It’s finally Gina Haspel’s turn to be heard after weeks of back and forth between supporters and critics of her nomination as the next Director of Central Intelligence Agency. As she faces lawmakers and the country hears directly from her for the first time, dozens of her current and former colleagues will be sitting just a few rows behind her. In an broad show of support, dozens more signed a letter to lawmakers asking them to listen to the work force and confirm Haspel. The Cipher Brief obtained an exclusive copy of that letter, which we are publishing here.

View the letter in PDF form.


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3 Replies to “Exclusive: 72 Former CIA Officers Endorse Haspel for CIA Director”
  1. I wish to add my name to the long and impressive list of former Agency colleagues of mine in support of Gina Haspel to become the next Director of the CIA. It would be a profound mistake, especially at this critical time, for her nomination to be in any way derailed. Her body of work at the CIA in service to her country speaks for itself. She enjoys the full trust of the workforce she would lead and has no learning curve. ~ Bill Fairweather, ret’d CIA/OS, 1979-2010 (Senior Intelligence Service)

  2. You can add me to the long list of CIA officers attesting to Gina Haspel’s stellar qualifications to serve as CIA Director. Having served with and supervised Gina in a major front-line state prior to and during the 1st Gulf War, I know well her intellect, poise, patriotism and dedication to the the CIA mission and our nation’s security. Gina will be a great CIA Director, and the men and women of CIA will be well served by her leadership, as will our country.

    Peter J. Dorey, former Chief of Station, Deputy Operational Division Chief and Senior Intelligence Service (SIS) Officer

  3. Whoever schooled Russian leaders on the role of the
    U.S. Chief Executive, neglected to properly explain the
    fact that presidential appointments are subject to a
    host of constraints. This condition does not exist
    in a totalitarian system, and has clearly flummoxed
    our opponents. We still don’t understand the reasons for
    the ‘unforced error’ character of Sessions’ testimony that
    led to recusal, nor the reasons for Rosenstein’s ‘volte face’,
    after Comey’s firing. But they, along with Wray, & Coates
    have opted for patriotism above political expediency. There
    is an opportunity for Haspel to join the team & follow their course.
    The clear & present danger to our democracy overrides any demand
    for a political litmus test. All of these officials must be welcome in
    the ‘big tent’ necessary to combat the national peril we face. We should
    focus on where we are now, not on who did what in a past life. A good
    deal rides on the outcome.