Trump's Hour of Action: Recommendations for Cyber Policy

President Donald J. Trump’s Administration has suggested massive overhauls in a number of policy areas, but few have remained as shrouded in uncertainty as Trump’s vision for the future of cybersecurity. All that is known is through Trump’s statements that attribution is hard, China spies for economic purposes, the private sector is key, the military should play a central cybersecurity role, and that a Cyber Review Team will conduct a comprehensive inspection of the country’s cybersecurity posture within the first three months of taking office.  And, of course, that Russia was behind the Democratic National Committee breach.

Over the last eight years, the Obama Administration has worked to better secure the nation’s cyberspace, but while strides were made in building policy and institutional resources to address the growing perils of our digitally connected world, many experts would agree that the threats have outpaced countermeasures. Never before has the country been so vulnerable to the ebb and flow of numeric data traversing the globe.

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