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CEOs, CISOs’ CTO’s and other c-suites are meeting at SINET’s Global Cybersecurity Innovation Summit in London this week. Cipher Brief CEO & Publisher Suzanne Kelly, who is moderating a session on the global cyber influence of Russia, China, Iran and North Korea, also had the private sector in mind when she talked SINET Founder and Chairman Robert Rodriguez about what CISOs want most.

Kelly: I thought we’d talk a little bit about CISOs and what they’re really looking for today – is it better relationships with C-suite executives, is it having more resources, getting better information? What do you think tops their list of concerns?

Rodriguez: I think it’s three things. It’s building trust that leads to better relationships and communications with their Board of Directors, in particular being able to articulate their concerns and needs as a risk executive that helps enable the business objectives. The CISO has evolved over time and the last 5-7 years have witnessed this maturity. More specifically, the continuing rise and evolution of the 21st century CISO as more of a risk executive and business enabler.

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