Making the Border a National Intelligence Priority

| Will Hurd
Congressman Will Hurd

The Cipher Brief is focusing this week on the real national security situation that is building along the southern border.  The President recently signed a $4.6 billion emergency spending bill to address the humanitarian crisis there, but Congressman Will Hurd, Republican from Texas, says it isn’t enough.  

The Cipher Brief talked with the Congressman, who is also a former CIA Officer, about the underlying issues feeding the crisis, and a national intelligence opportunity that he says could start turning the issue around in a matter of weeks.  The interview has been lightly edited for clarity.

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The Author is Congressman Will Hurd

Will Hurd is the U.S. Representative for the 23rd Congressional District of Texas. He serves as Vice Chair of the Maritime and Border Security Subcommittee on the Committee for Homeland Security, and as the Chairman of the Information Technology Subcommittee on the Oversight and Government Reform Committee.  Hurd is a former undercover CIA officer, entrepreneur, and cybersecurity expert.

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