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Who Will Man the Wall?

OPINION — Set aside for a moment how you feel about building the wall. There is a more immediate issue in controlling the flow of illegal […] More


The True Border Mission

OPINION — President Trump’s pre-election-day deployment of U.S. Army units on the southwest border may turn out to be more of a dangerous, long-term precedent […] More

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Stability in South Asia

It’s one of, if not the most, dangerous border in the world.  Nuclear-armed powers, India and Pakistan, have a history of strained relations since their […] More

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Bilateral Trade Potential

Even though both India and Pakistan are members of the South Asia Free Trade Area (SAFTA), established in January 2006, trade between them is strikingly […] More

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The Pakistan Problem

Nowhere on earth is an act of terrorism more likely to spark a nuclear war than in South Asia. This is by no means a […] More

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Terrorism Will Persist

Born from the territorial splitting of British India in 1947, India–Pakistan relations have been historically beset by disagreements, pressure, and conflict over the status of […] More