Advice for American Companies

By Mark Entwistle

Mark Entwistle is a Partner & Managing Director of Acasta Cuba Capital Inc., a boutique merchant bank and advisory firm.  He was a Canadian diplomat for 15 years and the Ambassador of Canada to Cuba from 1993-1997.

Progress on the creation of a new relationship between the United States and Cuba has been remarkably brisk over the past eight months, but, at the same time, American companies are, with some specific exceptions, still not able to do actual business in Cuba or invest. The trade and investment embargo against Cuba remains effectively in place even as it is being dismantled in nibbles by President Obama and bipartisan noises are louder in Congress.  

U.S. business needs to be aware of the realities of Cuba in 2015 to prepare properly to participate in the Cuban economy as that becomes more broadly possible.

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