A Hacker’s Paradise

By Mike Patterson

Mike Patterson is the vice president of Strategy for Rook Security, an Indianapolis-based provider of global IT security solutions that monitors, detects, and remediates cybersecurity threats worldwide. Patterson manages Rook Security's company strategic direction, new market selection, investor relations, and strategic partnerships. He is a thought leader in the emerging cyber insurance and sports security sectors, and specializes in M&A security policy and procedures. 

Connected medical devices account for some of the most insecure points within a hospital’s infrastructure. They present an issue not only for the continuity and integrity of direct patient care, but they also present numerous ways into a hospital network, as well as exfiltration points for medical records data being swiped and resold for huge profits underground.

Treatment regimens, diagnoses, hospital processes, and life functions are heavily reliant on medical devices that are frequently becoming more IoT Internet of Things)-based. This list includes: drug dispensing pumps, heart monitors, x-ray machines, pacemakers, and many other types of hospital equipment and embedded devices.

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