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Now is the Time to Split NSA and CYBERCOM

OPINION — Recent news of another audacious hack against the US critical infrastructure and interests overseas—this time from the Chinese-based “Volt Typhoon” group-underscores the ongoing […] More

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Washington’s Cyber Reckoning

As Washington continues to investigate the true depth of what experts are describing as one of the most damaging cyberattacks in U.S. history, both government […] More

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When Cyberweapons Escape

  Bottom Line Up Front In 2017, the National Security Agency lost control of a cyberweapon known as EternalBlue, leaked online by a group known […] More

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5 Key Things About 5G

Last week, The Cipher Brief told you how and why the U.S. has been working to convince its allies to ban Chinese vendors from contributing […] More

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Profile: Tackling the NSA’s Innovation Challenge

Innovation in Government isn’t generally a phrase that rolls off the tongue, but in a relatively unconstrained threat environment, innovation has become synonymous with survival. […] More


Project Raven Raises Big Concerns

It’s difficult to feel anything other than disappointment after reading Reuter’s investigation of activities by a U.S. contractor in the UAE.  The allegations that former NSA […] More

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Five Eyes Intel Sharing Unhindered By Trump Tweets

Bottom Line: While President Donald Trump’s tweets at times unnerve America’s closest allies, especially those that attack U.S. intelligence and law enforcement, the “Five Eyes” […] More