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Witnessing Venezuela’s Exodus

CUCUTA, Colombia – Latin America analysts are bracing for a Syria-sized exodus in the Western Hemisphere, as beleaguered Venezuelans flee a humanitarian crisis of a […] More

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South America Faces Fears of Fragility

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro has called for military exercises on August 26 and 27, after U.S. President Donald Trump said on Friday he would not […] More

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Is Peace Possible in Colombia?

On Sunday, Colombians were called upon by their government to answer a simple question, “Do you support the final agreement to end the conflict and […] More

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Back to Square One

Colombia’s pollsters, who are usually pretty accurate predictors of vote results, didn’t foresee this. Public opinion surveys showed a clear majority of voters in the […] More

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The Stalking Horse

The unexpected vote in Colombia to reject the peace deal with the FARC has left the country in shock and its leaders scrambling to determine […] More

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Cocaine and Conflict in Colombia

For a very long time, the word that most often followed a mention of Colombia was cocaine.  Colombia was the world’s largest producer of the […] More

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The Fall and Rise of Cocaine

In 1992, Peru produced an estimated 60 percent of the world’s cocaine. At one time, cocaine production was the largest industry in the country, at […] More

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Will There Be Peace in Colombia?

The government of president Juan Manuel Santos and the FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) have been negotiating in Havana, Cuba for the past four […] More

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Connecting with Latin America

President Barack Obama’s arrival in Havana, Cuba marks the first visit by a sitting U.S. President in 88 years.  But more than just a warming […] More