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Strong Team Faces High Hurdles

Egypt’s latest cabinet reshuffle, which Cairo announced last Wednesday, caught many observers both within and outside Egypt by surprise.  But given that four of the […] More

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Economic Prospects Improving

The cabinet reshuffle implemented by Egyptian President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi last week aims to reinvigorate Egypt’s floundering economy, explains Dr. Amr Adly of the Carnegie […] More

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Egypt’s Economy on the Brink

Confronted with instability in neighboring Libya, a civil war to its south in Sudan, and an ISIS affiliate taking root in the Sinai Peninsula, Egypt’s […] More

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The Evolution of Hotel Security

Twenty-eight years ago, I began my career as a hotel night security guard at the SAS Scandinavia Hotel in Oslo, Norway.  The hotel was part […] More

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Travel Security in the Age of ISIS

The recent terror attacks in Paris and San Bernardino have left the global community shaken. What made these attacks particularly terrifying is that the terrorists […] More

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Hotel Security

Chief Security Officer for Hyatt Hotels, Inc., Mark Sanna, discussed with The Cipher Brief how Hyatt secures their hotels around the world, how they respond […] More

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Personal Security

Recent security incidents around the world have business and recreational travelers paying more attention to personal security risks.  The concept of greater situational awareness continues […] More

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Smart Travel

Most national security and intelligence professionals believe the recent terror attacks in Paris were a game changing and defining moment in the world’s war on […] More