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The Plight of Syrian Refugees

  Bottom Line Up Front Following intensified fighting in Syria between Turkey and the Assad regime, thousands of refugees are fleeing the country in an […] More

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Living Under the Heavy Hand of ISIS

MOSUL, IRAQ — Ahmed Salam received a printed citation signed by an Islamic State fighter for shaving his beard and wearing tight-fitting, Western-style clothes. Considering […] More


Stirring Up His Audience

Donald Trump is a provocateur as well as a mythmaker, two qualities that should disqualify a presidential candidate and would be extremely dangerous if he […] More

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Envisioning the Future

After six years of war, I find it difficult to imagine what Syria will look like after it all ends. Villages resemble ghost towns, while […] More

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Fictionalizing Syria

It is now almost six years since the Syrian Revolution began, and to this day, the concept of an “ideal” end state remains vague and […] More

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Turkey’s Role in the Refugee Crisis

An image of a drowned Syrian boy washed up on the beach clearly signifies a failure on the part of the global humanitarian system. A […] More

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The Refugee Crisis: Europe on the Brink

Today in Europe there are more people made homeless by wars and conflict than ever before in recent history. The Secretary General of the United […] More