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The Call to Radicalism, Both at Home and Abroad

After violence broke out between white nationalist protestors and counter-protestors in Charlottesville, Virginia over the planned removal of a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee, a […] More

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How the Terrorist Watchlist Works

How the Terrorist Watchlist Works In the wake of recent domestic terrorist incidents, the spotlight has once again fallen on the terrorist watchlist. What is […] More

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Homegrown Terror in Orlando

As the investigation into the Orlando attack unfolds, authorities on Monday said it appears the shooting was not part of a plot directed from outside […] More


On Worldwide Threats

The Islamic State (ISIS) is the “preeminent global” threat and remains determined to execute direct attacks against the U.S. homeland, the top U.S. intelligence official […] More

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How To Defeat ISIS

Few things are more hotly debated in Washington and other capitals than the question of how to defeat the Islamic State. Ideas are all over […] More

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The Road to Jihad

Over fifteen years ago, I spoke with someone in Gaza about a Hamas bomb maker who had been killed in an Israeli anti-terrorism operation. I […] More