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Burundi: A Path Toward Civil War?

The current turmoil within Burundi, a tiny landlocked country in the middle of Africa with a population of nearly 11 million, poses a threat to […] More

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Energy Security in the Americas

Latin American countries have a long history of swift regime change, either by coup or by legitimate institutional processes. The impetus is typically economic decline. […] More

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An Emerging Crime-Terror Nexus in Europe

An emerging nexus between terror and crime in Europe needs to be addressed with an even stronger nexus between law enforcement, the intelligence community, and […] More

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Cocaine and Conflict in Colombia

For a very long time, the word that most often followed a mention of Colombia was cocaine.  Colombia was the world’s largest producer of the […] More

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Quagmire in Yemen

The Saudis and the Houthis are not talking. Peace talks to end the conflict in Yemen were set to begin on Monday in Kuwait, but […] More

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The Modern NATO

The year was 1980, and the 21-year-old son of Norwegian Defense Minister Thorvald Stoltenberg accompanied his dad on a trip to the United States. The […] More

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Kenya’s Battle with al-Shabaab

One year after the April 2015 attack that left 148 people dead at a university in Garissa, Kenya, a combination of forces is strengthening the […] More

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Russia Makes Moves in the Middle East

Russia is playing a game of Bismarckian realpolitik in the Middle East – political maneuvering based on current conditions, rather than on ideological premises, that […] More