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China’s Paper Dragon

“This idea may be formulated as follows. The situation is better now than it was ten years ago; therefore ten years from now it will […] More

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Laying Down a Marker

After much hand-wringing, the U.S. publicly admitted that the Russian government is interfering with the Presidential election. This was an open secret for weeks, but […] More

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Space — No Longer a Sanctuary

One sign of how important space is to military operations, particularly U.S. military operations, is that the countries who are our most likely military opponents, […] More

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Public Policy Tradeoff

When the Clinton Administration decontrolled encryption in the late 1990s after a long and acrimonious debate, it did so because it had decided that the […] More

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The New Battlefield

It helps in thinking about the future of cyber war if we break it into two parts: the future of cyber and the future of […] More