Latest Latin America Briefs

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It's Complicated

Since 1982, Colombia’s government and the FARC guerrilla group have sat down to negotiate four times. This attempt appears to be the one that will […] More

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A Human Tragedy

The so-called Northern Triangle in Central America—namely, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras—has been depicted as one of the must dangerous and violent regions in the […] More

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Governments Need to Step Up

Aligned with the global trend, Latin America has experienced colossal growth in access to information, facilitated through the Internet and information communication technology (ICT). Because […] More

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The Gerasimov Doctrine

Through hybrid warfare and the Gerasimov Doctrine, Russia is increasingly blurring the lines between war and peace, business and crime.  Russia’s involvement in Latin America […] More

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A Right Turn in Argentina

Argentina was no stranger to Latin America’s so-called “left turn” during the past two decades, but recent developments suggest that saga may be coming to […] More