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Day 1: Dispatch from RSA Conference

This week I’m attending the annual RSA Conference in San Francisco, where government and industry leaders have come together to discuss the looming challenges and […] More

Briefs & Analysis

Managing the Mobile Phone Malware Threat

What do you use your phone for in a given day? Texting, checking the news, social media, banking, getting directions, playing games – most people […] More

Briefs & Analysis

The Threat to Business

Bring-your-own-device culture is very convenient, but with a growing amount of malware targeting mobile devices, it is also creating new vulnerabilities. The Cipher Brief spoke […] More

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An Evolving Battle

As malware continues to grow and change, the number and types of at-risk devices will do the same. Currently, malware oriented towards mobile devices is […] More

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Mitigating Malware Threats

Industrial control systems (ICS) underly many aspects of our critical infrastructure, and there are concerns that they are becoming more vulnerable to hackers. The Cipher […] More