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Keane on Trump

Donald Trump has been elected the 45th President of the United States and his most solemn responsibility is ensuring the safety of all Americans as […] More

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Is it Possible to Hack the Vote?

On Tuesday, people around the United States will flood to local polling places to cast their vote for the future leadership of the United States. […] More

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Modernizing Election Technology

With elections around the corner and ongoing fears of Russian interference and vulnerabilities in electronic election systems, The Cipher Brief sat down with Rachel DeLevie-Orey […] More


Keep Ash Carter at Defense

Hillary Clinton should keep Ash Carter as Defense Secretary if, as expected, she wins the presidency next week. With American troops fighting in Syria, Iraq, […] More

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Clinton: A "Reliable Partner"

Germany – a strong U.S. ally – is watching the American presidential race very closely, with a critical eye. The Cipher Brief’s Kaitlin Lavinder met […] More

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Trump: A "Loose Cannon"

A Donald Trump presidency could spell bad news for transatlantic relations, including the U.S.-German relationship, according to many experts. The Cipher Brief’s Kaitlin Lavinder traveled […] More